Products for Anal Health and Well-Being

As a colorectal specialist, Dr. Albert Chung is an expert on what products can effectively help treat your anal symptoms from a variety of conditions including: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, pruritis ani (anal itching)anal fistulas, anal wounds, etc. Here is an extensive list of commonly recommended over-the-counter products that are safe to use during your recovery. For more information, contact Dr. Chung at (714) 988-8690 and schedule an appointment today!

Sponsored Products Dr. Chung Recommends

Dr Chung’s presents the sponsors for his YouTube channel, “Your Friendly Proctologist!” Both Pranicura and Revivol-XR have had extensive conversations with Dr Chung to ensure their desire to help people is genuine and true. Also, Dr. Chung does the testing and uses the products personally and makes sure he sees the benefits before recommending them to you. Dr Chung is proud to present Pranicura and Revivol-XR to you as options to heal and soothe your bottom end issues! Please click on the links below for more information.

PranicuraPranicura II

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Gain Relief from Chronic Anal Itching, Fissures and Hemorrhoids with Pranicura:

  • Provides Itch Free Sleep
  • Non-Surgical Fissure Remedy
  • Provides Complete Anal Relief
  • FDA Approved OTC Medicine



Revivol-XR Sitz Bath.

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This product contains 20 high-quality, organic and natural ingredients that have been shown to be effective at relieving hemorrhoid discomfort. It has been tested by dermatologists and has passed HRIPT standards. It is made in the United States.



Additional Products Recommended by Dr. Chung


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Moist Baby Wipes


Hemorrhoid Care


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