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Board-certified proctologist, Dr. Albert Chung has provided comprehensive care to patients suffering from colon and rectal conditions in Santa Ana, CA. Many people struggle with issues regarding their bottom end. Not only is the experience physically uncomfortable, but many find it more difficult to talk about. And with good reason! The plethora of emotions and anxiety often intrude their daily routine as thoughts race across our minds. But when it finally comes time to seeing a professional, how many of us see it as another barrier to cross? I understand and want to help! Believe it or not, many people are going through the same exact thing. That is why Dr. Albert Chung created the “Your Friendly Proctologist” channel to help people relate to what they are going through. Subscribe to the channel for more helpful colon & rectal tips & resources. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Chung, contact our office at (714) 988-8690 today!

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